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Connecting You With More Clients In Less Time


Helping busy Financial Advisors pack their pipeline with quality prospects.


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Do you want a better way to prospect and get new clients?

There are over 800,000 Financial Advisors prospecting for clients in the U.S.

How do you plan to stand out, easily engage and convert prospects?

We help Financial Advisors thrive in today’s highly competitive market
with data-driven marketing solutions for all stages of your customer's journey.

Ask yourself... 

  Are you too busy to prospect for new leads?
  Are you struggling to attract leads and convert them into clients?
  Are you concerned about how to sustain the growth of your firm in a digital age?
 Have you been doing the same thing for years and it’s just not working anymore?


At Curio Haus, we’re here to help.

✅ Predictably fill your sales pipeline with prospects.

✅ Lower your customer acquisition costs.

✅ Increase conversations with qualified prospects.

✅ Get prospects to have real conversations with you easier and faster.

✅ Know how quickly you will exceed your ROI targets based on campaign performance.

✅ Exclusive access to sales strategies and technology to help you outperform the Robo Advisors.

✅ Focus on what you do best - Helping investors achieve their goals

We work with fee-only advisors who are:

Growth Centric

Growth Centric

I want a predictable pipeline of prospects to engage with.

Solution Focused

Solution Focused

I look for the most effective ways to convert prospects into clients.

Regional Leaders

Success Oriented

When my clients are successful, I'm successful.

Data Driven


I want to use the best data to fuel my sales pipeline.

How we find prospects for you...

Get the details

Watch. Do. Grow.

Get free insights from the world's best sales experts on closing more clients in less time. 


Do you know what motivates your ideal client?
We do.

Privacy is important

Active on niche sites

Engages Offline

Quality builds trust


Sonia is amazing! She’s a motivated, intelligent, integrity-driven strategist. She always takes care of the details and collaborates with teams effortlessly.

Pablo D. Executive Vice President

Sonia is able to strategize and execute for both short-term and long-term success. Her efforts produce high-quality results consistently. Sonia possesses a winning combination of technical skills, business sense, uncommon creativity.

Amnon R. CEO

Forward thinking, intelligent, energetic and self-motivated leader. Sonia denotes a lot of analytical capability and willingness to develop excellence in every project she touches. Working with her is a sign of success.

Xavier E. General Manager

Sonia went above and beyond to fully flush out all of the details with no concern for time. It was very refreshing. In my opinion, the service I received in this single phone call could have been sold as a package that lasted for six months at a much higher cost. I really think Curio Haus over delivered. I plan to work with them on a long-term basis

Travis M. BROKER / Executive Board Member

I have been working with Sonia Dumas of Curio Haus for over a year now and I truly appreciate her marketing knowledge and wisdom regarding my upcoming web platform for advisors. Her ideas and strategies are spot on concerning the care one must take in understanding and implementing a processed approach in launching my site.  Her consultative skill set combined with her passion for helping advisors makes her a superior consultant to the advisor space.

James E. CEO

Sonia is an all-around phenomenal marketer when it comes to effective strategy, planning, and execution. Her approach is knowledgeable and precise based on years of experience and this shines through in the results she achieves for her clients. It's a fantastic experience working alongside Sonia, and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Chris M. CEO

I am so impressed with Sonia. We met recently when she interviewed me about a book I'd written. What's more, the finished product was exceptional -- polished, illustrated for storytelling and impact, thoughtfully constructed. I was absolutely blown away. I can strongly recommend her as a sales expert for the financial community and an interviewer to follow for everyone in sales.

Deb Calvert President

How we build your sales pipeline...

Business Icon

Drive with Digital Life Analytics®

Knowledge is power.  Digital Life Analytics® gives you real insights into the emotional drivers of your ideal clients.

Is your sales and marketing strategy backed by data or assumptions?

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Attract with Smart Digital Ads

Attract your prospect's attention through targeted digital ads and emotion-driven content to motivate action.

Do your ads focus on your prospect's goals?


Team Lead Icon

Engage One-on-One

We develop for you a customized direct mail campaign to have prospects engage directly with you. Every month you get to see and control how many prospects want to learn more about your solutions.

This exclusive service is only available to advisors who meet our qualifications. Apply today.

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Convert with Active401k®

Make it easy for prospects to experience your value by using prospect converting technology that never competes with you and allows you to monetize your expertise.

What are you using to make prospect conversion as simple as point and click?

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Our focus is on quality engagements and we only work with an exclusive group of qualified advisors.

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