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Empower Your Team to Thrive In Any Economy


What would it mean if 
your entire sales team were rainmakers
and you were not the only one burdened with the
responsibility of
cultivating new client relationships?


Learn how to thrive

DIY Prospecting Guide

Does your team have a clear strategy to
win new clients?

There are over 1 million financial professionals prospecting for clients in the U.S.

Have you been able to systematize your rainmaking skills into a process
your team can replicate and accelerate the path to cash?

How is the current sales and marketing strategy
performing this quarter?

Forward thinking financial firms build
a Sales
Conversion Culture focused on 
Strategic Lead Generation & Scientific Sales Conversion.


Ask yourself... 

  What's the strategy to get more referrals and leads?
  What's the strategy to increase sales conversion?
What's the strategy to build your tribe of ideal clients?
  What's the strategy to increase your firm's visibility online and offline?

At Curio Haus, we help you build a
Sales Conversion Culture.


Empower your team with the skills to get referrals. 
(without the fearful awkwardness)

Use advanced personality science to win more clients and maximize every deal.
(present your services based on your prospect's buying triggers)

Watch your multi-touch marketing campaign find
your ideal clients and enhance the firm's visibility.
(targeted leads makes everything better) 

Free up your time so you can focus on leading.
(and growing)

We partner with Financial Firms who are:

Growth Centric

Growth Centric

I want my entire team to be rainmakers.

Solution Focused

Solution Focused

I want an effective way to achieve our goals.

Regional Leaders

Success Oriented

When my clients are successful, I'm successful.



We do what we say we're going to do.


Get the details

Discover the most effective path to cash strategies in today's economy ...

Learn from our network of global sales experts on how to increase revenue, shorten the buyer's journey, and build your network of referrals.

Click the latest video. 


Do you know what motivates your ideal client?
We do.

Have Buying Triggers

Busy & Overwhelmed

Engages Offline

Quality builds trust


Sonia is amazing! She’s a motivated, intelligent, integrity-driven strategist. She always takes care of the details and collaborates with teams effortlessly.

Pablo D. Executive Vice President

Sonia is able to strategize and execute for both short-term and long-term success. Her efforts produce high-quality results consistently. Sonia possesses a winning combination of technical skills, business sense, uncommon creativity.

Amnon R. CEO

Forward thinking, intelligent, energetic and self-motivated leader. Sonia denotes a lot of analytical capability and willingness to develop excellence in every project she touches. Working with her is a sign of success.

Xavier E. General Manager

Sonia went above and beyond to fully flush out all of the details with no concern for time. It was very refreshing. In my opinion, the service I received in this single phone call could have been sold as a package that lasted for six months at a much higher cost. I really think Curio Haus over delivered. I plan to work with them on a long-term basis

Travis M. BROKER / Executive Board Member

I have been working with Sonia Dumas of Curio Haus for over a year now and I truly appreciate her marketing knowledge and wisdom regarding my upcoming web platform for advisors. Her ideas and strategies are spot on concerning the care one must take in understanding and implementing a processed approach in launching my site.  Her consultative skill set combined with her passion for helping advisors makes her a superior consultant to the advisor space.

James E. CEO

Sonia is an all-around phenomenal marketer when it comes to effective strategy, planning, and execution. Her approach is knowledgeable and precise based on years of experience and this shines through in the results she achieves for her clients. It's a fantastic experience working alongside Sonia, and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Chris M. CEO

I am so impressed with Sonia. We met recently when she interviewed me about a book I'd written. I was absolutely blown away! I can strongly recommend her as a sales expert for the financial community and an interviewer to follow for everyone in sales.

Deb Calvert President

Sonia is a remarkable creative and an absolute joy to work with.  She is genuinely concerned with doing outstanding work for her clients and she exceeded any expectations I could dream of. I recommend Sonia wholeheartedly - you will be grateful if you take the opportunity to work with her!

Anita Nielsen President

Sonia is a consummate professional, always keeping the goal in mind of making sure the client is happy and satisfied. (Not what you find in every business today.)

Colleen Stanley CEO

Systemize your path to cash.

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Creative Content

Co-create a multi-touch marketing campaign to activate engagement with your ideal client. 

From illustrated concept videos to...animated videos...creative digital ads...experiential direct mail campaigns...and buying-trigger based content; we help you create 10X content that kickstarts value-driven conversations.

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Referral Generation

Referrals is the #1 prospecting strategy that aligns you with qualified leads that convert to clients more than 70% of the time.

Your biggest competitive differentiation is a referral introduction. If you haven’t been asking for referrals from your clients, you’re leaving your best prospects behind and a lifetime of revenue for a competitor to capture. Learn how to build your referral skills.

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Personalized Conversations

Sales is not a numbers game. It’s a people game.

Using the latest artificial intelligence technology we help you discover the values and buying-triggers of your prospects and client.

From emails to social media profiles, discover their buying-triggers and increase your sales effectiveness by up to 300% 

Get faster results when you directly address your prospect's most important values and win more clients faster.

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LinkedIn Outreach

We've developed a high-touch targeted LinkedIn social selling strategy that's so successful we've reserved it for C-Suite Executives only.  

Our focus is to build a tribe of ideal B2B clients that we leverage throughout the entire marketing strategy we create for you.

Imagine what's possible with a monthly stream of 15...25...50+... targeted prospects added and engaged in your network each month.

This service is only available to C-Suite Executives.  Apply now to qualify. Or click to learn more.

Let's Talk

Let’s discuss your goals to build a sales conversion culture.

Our discussion will be confidential and insightful.

Our focus is on quality engagements and we only work with an exclusive group of leaders that meet these starting qualifications -

- Independent/Hybrid RIAs or FinTech Firms with an easy to navigate compliance process.

- Authors and Speakers focused on business, sales, marketing, finance, or tech innovation.

Schedule a conversation to apply

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