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We build assets for CPAs driven to systematize winning premium clients.

And let's start with the elephants in the room -- blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

It's disrupting the financial industry, from investments and banking, to payroll, payments, and perks.

As a CPA, don’t get left behind or lose clients to competitors who support businesses and individuals adding digital assets into their wealth and business strategy.

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Results That Make An Impact

Reviews and accolades from our clients, audiences, and alliances.

Best most understandable explanation of Crypto I've ever had. Complex subject and Sonia nailed it! This was a great course that I'd actually like to take again or expand upon. Thank you!
Patti G.
CPA Academy Attendee
Best crypto presentation I attended so far. Sonia methodically demystifies crypto. And she did with such enthusiasm you cannot help but pay attention!
Billie A.
CPA Academy Attendee
Sonia is AMAZING! She was able to provide (crypto) information I had not heard anywhere else.
CPA Academy Attendee
Wow...just wow! This was one of the best (crypto) sessions I've attended and could have been 10 hrs long. The presenter (Sonia) was extremely knowledgeable and kept the audience engaged throughout the two hours. I learned more than I thought I would and enough to make me want more - definitely recommend to anyone who even has a slight interest in this.
CPA Academy Attendee
Sonia is very knowledgeable about the crypto world! She is able to synthesize the data, and communicate to beginners.
Jenieva B.
CPA Academy Attendee
Sonia is an excellent and vibrant teacher who obviously enjoys her subject matter (crypto) because it made the class so much fun!
Susan D.
CPA Academy Attendee
Sonia Dumas presentation was spot on! Her passion for the subject matter (crypto) definitely vibrated to the audience. She made it interesting, and the time went by way too fast.
CPA Academy Attendee
I always appreciate honest presenters. Sonia definitely knows her topic and shared it with enthusiasm. But she was also willing to admit what she didn't know. I respect that.
Kathryn L.
CPA Academy Attendee
I cannot overstate your impact on my recent and future success. I think bigger because of you. You also gave me the tools to focus my messaging and approach others. I have generated partnerships nationwide now. I needed you as my catalyst to do that. Thank you -- for everything.
Blake Jordan
Behavioral Investing Institute
Sonia is highly personable and knowledgeable in the financial industry. She has been a great friend to our firm and has helped us increase our presence. I definitely recommend working with Sonia!
Jaimee Carnes
Elderado Financial
Excellent webinar, Sonia is a great presenter. Very clear and concise. Very worth the time spent.
Marly C.
CPA Academy Attendee
Sonia is very knowledgeable about the crypto world. The presentation is very interesting and mind-blowing. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn about the crypto world and its financial implication.
CPA Academy Attendee
An awesome presenter tackling a very complex subject (crypto) in an enthusiastic manner. Excellent, excellent presentation!
Timothy H.
CPA Academy Attendee
Sonia is a consumate professional, always keeping the goal in mind of making sure the client is happy and satisfied. (Not what you find in every business today.) She has an excellent approach that improves branding and emotional connections with prospects and clients. Keep up the great work Sonia.
Colleen Stanley
SalesLeadership Inc.
Sonia is a remarkable creative and an absolute joy to work with. She exceeded any expectations I could dream of. I recommend Sonia wholeheartedly - you will be grateful if you take the opportunity to work with her!
Anita Nielsen
LDK Advisory
I am so impressed with Sonia. I can strongly recommend her as a sales expert for the financial community and an interviewer to follow for everyone in sales.
Deb Calvert
People First Productivity Solutions
This was a very informative and welcomed topic for business and individuals (crypto). I look forward to future learning opportunities on this interesting topic! Thanks Ms. Sonia Dumas for being so organized and knowledgeable on the subject (Crypto 101).
CPA Academy Attendee
Sonia is an all-around phenomenal marketer when it comes to effective strategy, planning and execution. Her approach is knowledgeable and precise based on years of experience and this shines through in the results she achieves for her clients. It's a fantastic experience working alongside Sonia, and I would highly recommend her to anyone.
Chris Melotti
Melotti Media
I have been working with Sonia Dumas of Curio Haus for over a year now and I truly appreciate her marketing knowledge and wisdom regarding my upcoming web platform for advisors. Her ideas and strategies are spot on. Her consultative skill set combined with her passion for helping advisors makes her a superior consultant to the advisor space.
James Eckel
I learned more about this subject (crypto) in this seminar than I have learned elsewhere in the past two years.
Larry V.
CPA Academy Attendee
Sonia is a brilliant marketing professional. I love her work. I could not recommend her more highly.
Melinda Emerson
SmallBizLady Enterprises
Enjoyed the presenter. She is speaking from experience and not just academia.
Amelia H.
CPA Academy Attendee
The instructor truly knew her topic, and was a pleasure to learn from. Had answers for over 30 minutes of Q&A - no shortage of information, no question baffled her. In all the CPE courses I've taken over the years, she was the most impressive due to her voluminous, diverse awareness and insight in a relatively new and highly nuanced topic - and in making it all accessible. Thank you!
CPA Academy Attendee
Sonia was professional and knowledgeable about the subject. The Q&A session gave several real world examples and resources as the formal presentation.
CPA Academy Attendee
Excellent presenter for a challenging topic (crypto)! Sonia/her presentation was interesting and very helpful!
Elizabeth B.
CPA Academy Attendee

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