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Why Curio Haus

Achieving Your Goal Is Closer Than You Think


We're a team of curious minds focused on innovative sales and marketing strategies that drive growth.
- Sonia Dumas, Chief Growth Officer


Strategic Sales Is About People

When the bottom fell out back in 2008 I witnessed, like you, many companies struggle to stay afloat.

At the same time, I also witnessed clients, who had the right sales and marketing systems in place before the crash, thrive phenomenally. 

This led to a learning immersion of discovering the key elements of what encompasses a sales conversion culture. 

My investigation revealed that lead generation and sales conversion is part art, part science, and balancing automation with a human touch.

Are we a good fit?

I'm personally driven to empower my clients with skills to build a sales conversion culture; which means I'm highly selective as I don't step up to bat to strikeout!

My strategic mindset is focused on helping you succeed -

Will this help you grow? Is this the best method for you?

Will this pass compliance?

How can we improve your sales process?

How can we increase referrals?

How can we make your firm memorable?

My growth-centric nature ensures I'm your ally towards driving profitability through sales, marketing, and service.

If this resonates with you, you could be the kind of collaboration we'd be motivated to swing for the fences for.

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