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Sonia Dumas is a branding and marketing advisor living in Colorado. After over a decade of collaborating with luxury hotel brands such as the Faena Group, Viceroy Hotel Group, Dorchester Collection, Belmond, SLS Hotels, and Ace Hotels, she founded CURIO HAUS -


Sonia Dumas
Chief Marketing Officer

Sonia is amazing! She’s a motivated, intelligent, integrity-driven strategist. She always takes care of the details and collaborates with teams effortlessly.

Pablo De Ritis - Executive Vice President at Faena Rose

Sonia is an amazing consummate professional. She kept the project on track and her follow up was exceptional. Even under a tremendous amount of pressure she always had a smile and was a joy to work with.

Mary Reynolds - Principal at MPK Inc.

Sonia’s not afraid to take risks and often suggests new directions to explore. She’s committed to quality, growth, and progress, and she inspires her team members to strive for the same. In short, Sonia is a person with vision.

Carlos Rodriguez - Principal at Modplay Studio

Sonia was extremely detail oriented, professional, and a pleasure to work with.

Jim Fagan -
CEO at Degrenne North America

Curious Details

The Penthaus Method™

Our executed-for-you process is integrated seamlessly into your existing operations so you can focus on delivering your core services, while we focus on attracting, engaging, and converting prospects into clients.

The Penthaus Method™ is a business development system for attracting and retaining affluent clients using branding, marketing, technology, sales and relationship management strategies to S.C.A.L.E your practice. 

STRATEGIZE- First, we explore the details of your current business development process . We identify service gaps and untapped opportunities to competitor-proof your clients, increase loyalty, and attract higher quality referrals.

Develop a 12-month roadmap based on growth objectives. We fine tune positioning, messaging, design, and service standards to ensure all actions align in the direction of success. This includes vetting tactics to ensure your marketing and advertising investments aligns with your growth goals.

ACTIVATE - The architecture of relationship-centric marketing is complex. We i
mplement the Penthaus Method and marketing technology stack to automate, track and engage with targeted prospects and clients consistently and authentically.

LEVERAGE - Continual client experience optimization is a crucial element in staying ahead of competitors and avoiding commoditization. We don't "set it and forget it." We leverage technology to measure and review feedback over time to fine-tune your strategy for maximum value.

ELEVATE -  Through consistency and time the process is designed to increase your firm's value, decrease attrition, raise service levels and attract larger client engagements, all while freeing up your time so you can focus on what matters most.

Our Team

Our agile team is comprised of best in class business developers experienced in building marketing systems design to grow the key metrics that are important to your company.

We recruit niche-specific experts who can endlessly talk about the minutia of technical SEO, epic content development, customer journey upgrades and how to inspire clients to increase the usage of your services.

Scalable Solutions

We intentionally designed our marketing technology solutions to grow with our clients and our agency. We've witnessed the financial disaster companies face when a silo department chooses the wrong technology and the intense frustrations felt by the team who has to work with an incompetent bundle of software.

We've taken these hard-knock lessons and purposefully identified scalable software to automate key components of your marketing campaigns. We love efficiency, simplicity, and transparency.

Quality Driven

The best hotels in the world are boutique, intimate and focused on memorable service; we've taken these lessons and infused them into our culture. Quality is not just about service, it's also about the attitude of all parties involved. We've developed an atmosphere for quality to find a home in everything we do.

Our passion for building evergreen relationships and elevated experiences means we don't automatically agree to everything. Instead, we continuously ask, Why?  Our inquisitive nature ensures our thinking stays fresh and expectations stay realistic.

We also take pride in aligning with successful businesses and strategic partners that are focused on sustainable growth, vibrant economies and balanced lifestyles. 

We're Authentic

There's a reason why we chose Colorado as our headquarters for clever relationship-centric research, it's an epic outdoor adventure.

We place importance on living authentically and in the moment. We highly value the relationships forged with our team, our clients, our partners, and the barista who makes an awesome  dirty hippie.

Witticisms we enjoy daily include:
The sure way to avoid work is to find a job you love. 
If your work speaks for itself, don't interrupt. 
One today is worth two tomorrows. 
The cure for boredom is curiosity. 
There is no cure for curiosity.

Welcome to Curio Haus.