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Why Curio Haus

Systematically raise assets. Authentically build relationships.

Meet Your ally

This is Sonia.


I've built a team of curious minds focused on innovative sales and marketing strategies that attract high-value prospects.


A Marketing Fiduciary...

Just as you act as a fiduciary to KNOW THY CUSTOMER and provide advice that is in their best interest, I do the same for you.

My passion for building evergreen relationships and delivering results means I don't automatically agree to everything.

Instead, I continuously ask - Will this help you grow? Is this the best method for you? Will this pass compliance? How can we improve our sales process?

My fiduciary-centric nature ensures I'm your ally towards mutual success and achieving your revenue goals.

Why partner with me?

Together, we'll create the best strategy to help you consistently engage prospects and elevate your sales-conversion effectiveness by up to 300%. 

Our purpose is to help our clients build quality relationships with prospects using the best technology and strategies while ensuring our partnership is positioned for success. 

My globally agile team is comprised of the best sales experts, strategists, copywriters, designers, animators and web developers who are experienced in building sales and marketing processes designed to grow the key metrics that are important to your firm - new clients and assets under management.

Why I love what I do ...

With over 14 years of opening lifestyle and luxury hotels, I wondered how the strategies used by these hotels to generate millions in revenue could help my friends in the financial industry transform their firms. 

The key question to answer was - 

Is it possible to develop a sales and marketing system for financial advisors that use innovative technology and strategies to land more high-value clients in less time?

I knew it would be a challenge filled with compliance hurdles and skepticism, but that's how disruption happens - with a courageous question.

The solution I discovered is what fueled me to create Curio Haus and be an evangelist of human-to-human marketing.

It's about relationships ...

As the investment commitment increases so does the need to establish a trusting relationship. 

I've always been curious about why human-to-human strategies can powerfully impact the bottom-line; hence our name CURIO HAUS -- a house of curious minds specializing in strategies that drive growth.

How can I help you? 

Let’s discuss your revenue goals and the gameplan to connect you with more prospects over the next 12 months.

Our discussion will be confidential, enjoyable and helpful.

My focus is on quality engagements and I only work with a select group of qualified advisors (and anglers). 

Schedule a conversation to apply today.

Discover a faster way to engage 1-on-1 with prospects

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