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About Curio Haus


My mission is to build a community of financially independant solopreneurs and entrepreneurs who will impact their circle of influence, get as close to recession-proof as possible, and be unstoppable.

- Sonia Dumas // Chief Growth Officer


Sales is not a numbers game. It's a People game.

When the bottom fell out back in 2008 I witnessed, like you, clients who became paralyzed as their profit margins and revenue crashed to devasting lows.

At the same time, I also witnessed clients, who had the rig
ht revenue habits in place before the crash, thrived phenomenally, gained more market share, increased their prices, and maximized every deal.

It was the same economic crash, but the winners won more and the competition lost nearly everything.

I've spent my time since then researching, developing and discovering the key revenue habits that made these winners nearly recession-proof.




Are we a good fit?

I coach adaptable solopreneurs and entrepreneurs like you with strategies to fast-track referrals, win more relationships, and earn more revenue in less time.

Success requires a 'grow big fast' mindset.

Technology never slows down, therefore your sales process has to keep with the speed of technological shifts being fueled by blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Or get left behind. 

My experience and track record include . . .

15+ Years Multi-Million Dollar Project Management

Certified & Licensed B.A.N.K ® Trainer

Certified No More Cold Calling ® Referral Sales Trainer

FinancialAdvisors.com Contributing Author

The Financial Sales Expert on The Sales Expert Channel

Researcher & Investor in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Cryptocurrencies.

Dynamic Podcast Panelist & Speaker

Author of The Crypto Chronicle

People like me believe that quickly getting as close to recession-proof as possible is a smart goal worth achieving now.

If this resonates with you, you could be the kind of collaboration I'd be motivated to help.

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