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Why Curio Haus

We specialize in data-driven strategies to help you win more clients.

Meet Our CMO

This is Sonia.


We're a team of curious minds focused on data-driven strategies that drive growth and memorable experiences. 


Why I love data ...

Why is it that as a society we have over 20 years of analytics on every consumer segment you can think of, yet firms are  challenged with finding and engaging prospects?

Growth is hidden in the digital lifestyle details of your prospect's world. 

By using Digital Life Analytics® to understand the emotional, behavioral, and aspirational triggers of affluent and high net worth individuals, we strategically position our clients to market in a way the builds rewarding relationships with prospects and clients.

I love that we have access to data that answers the question - What drives my ideal client and where are they?

Collaborative Experiences ...

Our collective passion for building evergreen relationships and elevated experiences means we don't automatically agree to everything. Instead, we continuously ask - Why?

Our inquisitive nature ensures our thinking stays ahead of the market and expectations remain realistic.

We take pride in aligning with successful executives and strategic partners that are focused on sustainable growth, vibrant economies, and balanced lifestyles.

Why partner with us ...

Together, we'll use data-driven strategies and your local expertise to help align your business for growth.

Our purpose is to help our clients build quality relationships with prospects using the best technology and strategies while ensuring our partnership is positioned for success. 

Our globally agile team is comprised of the best strategists, copywriters, designers, animators and web developers who are experienced in building marketing systems designed to grow the key metrics that are important to your firm - new clients and assets under management.

Why I love what I do ...

With over 14 years of opening lifestyle and luxury hotels, I wondered how the art of the guest-experience could help my friends in the financial industry transform their traditional firms. 

The key question to answer was - 

Is it possible to develop a marketing system for financial advisors that combines modern buying behaviors, smart technology, and a high-touch experience that will sustainably attract new clients without an advisor having to become a marketing expert? 

I knew it was a tall order filled with compliance hurdles, but that's how disruption happens - with a courageous question.


It's about relationships ...

As the investment commitment increases so does the need to establish a trusting relationship. 

I've always been curious about why a memorable and relevant experience can powerfully impact a company's market leadership and bottom-line; hence our name CURIO HAUS -- a house of curious minds specializing in strategies that drive growth.

How can we help you? 

Let’s discuss your goals to drive growth and convert more clients over the next few quarters.

Schedule a conversation.

Our discussion will be completely obligation-free and confidential.

Our focus is on quality engagements and we only work with a select group of qualified advisors. 

Discover a smarter way to engage qualified leads

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