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Hello Friend

I'm Sonia Dumas.

I teach Business Builders and Entrepreneurs the exact action steps to quickly create a selling system that attracts the income, sales, and clients you want.

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Is This You?

Are you an entrepreneur, consultant, coach, or author struggling to get more premium clients?

If you have a high-ticket product, service, membership, event, course, or workshop that's not selling at the speed and volume you need ...

If you're a real estate agent, travel agent, or event planner that needs to attract the most affluent clients ... sell more expensive homes ... book more world-class trips ... and produce more exclusive events ...

If you're a new entrepreneur starting from scratch ... and are looking for a friend to help you avoid the 'money burning' newbie mistakes ...

If you left a stressful, energy draining corporate job to buy back your freedom and time ... to live a life full of profit, purpose, and passion ... and you've discovered digital sales is hard ...

... then you're in the right place, and what I reveal on this site is for you.

Does This Sound Familiar?


  You know that your product or service can change lives and make a real difference—but the problem is that you're not reaching the right people.


  You're tired of wasting time and money on marketing that's failing to get people excited to buy your offers.


  You're frustrated because you know that there are people out there who need what you have to offer—but nothing you do seems to attract the right clients.


 You know something's missing ... something's off ... and you can't find the answers your business so desperately needs.


And what happens if you just do nothing?

If you continue down this path?

You risk missing out on the opportunity to make a real difference in people's lives.

You risk never reaching your full potential ... and never achieving the success you deeply desire.
You risk losing another 30 days of new income.
You risk missing out on getting more sales from your current subscribers.

You risk failing to create the financial safety net you desire.
You risk having to face layoff, cutbacks, maxing out your credit lines just to keep the doors open.
Is the risk of doing nothing or continuing to do what's not working .... really worth it?
Only you can decide.

Discover the Secret to Attracting Your Dream Clients and Growing Your Business


If you can commit to 1 hour of discovering the painful problems and deep desires your dream clients have ...

And build that into your 'selling system' ...

Then you can say goodbye to months of getting no leads ...

And hello to attracting high-paying clients who are eager to work with you.

  Attract more prospects effortlessly.

 Convert leads into loyal clients with ease.

 Maximize your sales potential.

 Build a strong, sustainable business.

  Achieve financial freedom by selling more.

And the best part?

This FREE TRAINING shows you how.

I want you to experience a path to sales success ... no one has told you about.



About Sonia

I'm selling strategist, speaker, foodie, and author. I'm blessed to have work with incredible brands such as Intuit, Investopedia, Faena Hotel Group, Hotel Bel-Air, Proper Hotels, Starwood/Marriott Hotels, Financial Planners Association, SBE Entertainment Goup, Women Sales Pros, Sales ReInvented, DCG, and many more. 

Curio Haus is designed to be a 'House of Curiosity' ... helping entrepreneurs like you build their digital empire.

Be intentional about the life ... income ... experiences ... and relationships you truly want. 

Only you can decide what's worth it.

I'm a fan of fur buddies. My blonde mini-schnauzie, Teddy B (named after the designer brand Ted Baker) ... keeps me smiling! 

I've lived in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Miami, a small town outside of Telluride, Colorado ... and have now settled in Dallas.

Life is too short to not explore the beauty of this majestic nation.

When you have a business that is growing daily, you can truly live ... work ... and play anywhere you desire.

It all starts with a deep desire for more out of life ... and a system to get you there.



Choose Your Hard.


You have a decision to make.

Will you continue on the hard road of struggling to get clients ... burn through your cash ... and end up as another failed business? 

Or ...

Will you take action
and build a 'selling system' that's hard to turn off because it's filling your life with purpose and profits?

The Selling More System is here to help you achieve the latter.

Don't let another day go by without taking control of how you build a more prosperous future.

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