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I've attended several crypto related CPEs and this was hands down the most extensive, relevant, and well explained! Highly recommend for anyone regardless of whether you are just interested in learning about crypto or someone who regularly YOLOs gas fees on NFT trades.
Daniel D.
CPA Academy Attendee
Great seminar and great instructor. I was able to understand the concept of Cryptocurrency and transactions a lot better after she went over the details. I would love to attend another seminar with her as the instructor, she made something that is actually pretty complex seem very simple. Thanks for a great webinar.
Sissel D.
CPA Academy Attendee
Sonia is very knowledgeable regarding crypto and her presentation skills are excellent! Would strongly recommend any of her courses and plan to seek them out in the future!
Gina R.
CPA Academy Attendee
Sonia exceeded my expectations. I thought it would be harder to learn. I didn't think crypto had any connection to stocks at all. The manner in which you broke each section down was easy and fun.
Sharon M.
Coinwealth Bootcamp Attendee
I very much enjoyed the webinar. Sonia is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic and made the webinar fun and educational. I am a passive, long term investor in cryptocurrencies and I learned today a few new things during the webinar that I did not know about which I found very interesting.
Matias H.
CPA Academy Attendee
By far the most informative & interesting webinar I've ever attended on CPA Academy! Highly, highly recommend. I think this course would benefit a newbie like myself, or someone who is already educated on the topic.
Britanny T.
CPA Academy Attendee
The biggest impact on on me was how Sonia got us to understand the basic concepts of what the crypto world is and how we can make it work for us. She had this way of meeting you right where you were having difficulty, acknowledging it with you, and then getting you to move beyond that and realize that you are capable of doing this. I appreciate it was a safe place to be vulnerable to express your fears and be encouraged to grow.
Diana B.
Coinwealth Bootcamp Attendee
Very good overview of the crypto space and absolutely worth the time. This industry is evolving fast and Sonia gave a great 101 level view into what is blockchain, Defi, triple-entry accounting, and other aspects. If you are not sure where to start, this is a solid course to get the basics. Well done, Sonia.
Michael L.
CPA Academy Attendee
Sonia is an incredible crypto educator! She gave us the tools, insider knowledge, and strategies to confidently and smartly profit from this massive tech disruption. I recommend her expertise to everyone I know who wants to explore crypto.
Kim A.
Coinwealth Bootcamp Attendee
Sonia, you WAY exceeded my expectations! I thought I'd learn about "Bitcoin," but I discovered the whole culture that is "crypto!" My eyes have been opened so that I am now exploring what, exactly, money is ... how it came to be, where it might going, and how Bitcoin ... cryptocurrency ... fits into to the future of mankind. I learned that Bitcoin is not just about "me" and "my wallet." It's about our entire civilization! People get into crypto for many reasons, profit--making money--being just one of them. For me, it's about elevating the lives of people everywhere! I feel so thankful to be alive at this point in history.
Susan J.
Coinwealth Bootcamp Attendee
I learned more in this webinar, than I have from several months of personal research. She was an excellent communicator and very knowledgeable.
Shannon S.
CPA Academy Attendee

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Meet Sonia

Sonia Dumas is an incredible woman you want to meet.

She's the Founder of Curio Haus; an innovative company focused on helping execution-driven leaders generate extreme results by scaling small, building powerful offers, and systematizing winning. 

She’s been a sparkling guest speaker for FinancialAdvisors.com, the vibrant Payday Conversations Expert on The Sales Expert Channel, a world-class B.A.N.K Certified Coach & Trainer, a must-follow DeFi educator on LinkedIn, a lively guest speaker on the Sales Reinvented Podcast, an luminous guest on the show In Lehman's Terms, and a dynamic cryptocurrency educator for ALT Monie, CPA Academy, Thriveal Podcast, CPA Crossing, AccountingWEB, and Intuit Tax Pro Center.


Her drive for people, profits, and purpose, combined with over a decade of leading high-performance teams, has allowed her to build rewarding experiences for her clients and network.

What We Do

Level 1 - Help accountants and business leaders get up to speed about cryptocurrencies - Simplify. Demystify. Provide exceptional value through free and low cost CPE certified courses through our platform partners. Over 3,910+ CPAs have registered for our courses.

Level 2 - Share exclusive cryptocurrency forecasts and trends to help strategize for clients who use cryptocurrencies in their business and personal life. Mitigate the risk of being blindsided by the next crypto winter!

Level 3 - Earn the trust of a few execution-driven leaders who want access to assets that will scale their business, grow cashflow, drive multi-million dollar revenue campaigns, and make a bigger impact for their clients. 


If you zoom in, our solutions model is the timeless Know-Like-Trust success process.

We know that the few success-driven leaders who reach Level 3 are execution geniuses.

They don't need hand-holding or counseling, because they're focused on creating the assets that generate results.

We're all action-takers - clients can trust us to fast-track their goals, and we can trust them to execute and focus on results.

They avoid the risk of spending years, hundreds of thousands of dollars, and wasted time learning the hard way.

We avoid the failure of working with someone with unrealistic expectations and no motivation to thrive in this new tech-driven crypto economy.

Like minds like to systematize winning.

Stay ahead.