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Forget generational marketing for Lead Generation. It's nonsense!

generational marketing lead generation prospecting

The simple reason why generational marketing is the wrong way to approach lead generation.

The Boomers vs Gen X vs Millennials debate is a waste of time.

What matters, regardless of the generation, is that your prospects and clients are human (spoiler alert!) and at varying degrees all humans require personalized interaction.

Enter stage right, glorious technology! The caveat is that it has added both complexity and efficiency to the interaction equation.

Knowing how to harness its power is what separates the amateurs from the pros.

So how does one navigate this digital jungle? By embracing the concept of HumTech Marketing (Human + Technology).

Ultimately HumTech Marketing is about communicating and servicing your prospects and clients in ways which resonate with them. That's it.

There are Boomers who'd rather text than email.

There are Millennials who'd rather talk (shocker!!) than a direct message.

There are Gen Xers who prefer print for their magazines and Google for everything else.

The "ah-ha" moment comes when you take the time to understand your clients and prospects (and not taking the time is short-sighted and inefficient).

This goes back to being ultra-specific about who you serve, how you help them and most importantly why you serve them.

The Benefits

By focusing on solving specific problems for a particular audience you'll discover the best ways to infuse high-tech and high-touch into your services.

In some cases, you may naturally end up with most of your clients and prospects in a particular generational segment.

The point is not to focus on the generation, instead focus on solving problems and creating successes for those whom you've researched as an excellent fit for your firm.

Craft your brand messaging to their challenges/goals and your firm will finally begin to resonate with human beings (unless there's another species you prefer to communicate with??).

While your competitors are frustrated about how to get those persnickety Millennials to hand over their assets, you'll be growing your firm to new levels with clients from multiple generational segments.

Do It Tomorrow Action Step -
(because you're too busy today) 

Have someone in your office generate a report about the Top 20% of your clients.

Look for similarities - demographics, socio-economic status, career, industry, associations, geographic location, hobbies, mutual friends, aspirations/drive and client temperament.

Take time to discover the sweet spot of commonalities that exist to understand the nuanced details about your ideal client.

You can also review this guide to get some ideas on how to leverage technology to build real, mutually-beneficial, relationships.

Author:  Sonia Dumas is a relationship-centric strategist and CMO at Curio Haus, a growth agency specialized in helping RIAs and TPAs leverage technology to effectively grow their book of business.