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Profit Like A Plumber

By Sonia Dumas

Small business tips


It's 3:56 pm Saturday afternoon. Guests arrive at 6pm.

Big band jazz is lightly playing in the background.

The table decorations accent the white rose floral arrangements beautifully.
Candles are lit and you look spectacular.

You wander the house again to ensure even Martha Stewart would approve.
As you pass by the only guest restroom, you notice the blue toilet bowl cleaner hasn't been flushed.

You flush. The water spins up!
And not solely up, but over!
And not only over, but also non-stop onto the floor!

It's 4:17 pm and guests arrive at 6 pm.

How much would you pay a plumber to fix the issue before guests arrive?
Most likely a premium due to the urgency and emergency.
And if the plumber is busy well, let the catastrophizing begin!

Your potential customers are similar.


They're focused on their day and life events. No thought of you or your business.

And then in a flash...bam! slam! pow! They urgently need help to fix a problem now!

Who will they contact?

Depending on the complexity of the issue, they'll call a friend to ask for a referral.
They'll do a quick search to discover whose best and fastest.
They'll reach out to whoever they remembered fixes these kinds of things.

How do you get on this mental shortlist of problem solvers?

Review the common and urgent emergencies that your customers consistently face.

Can you create a service that quickly provides partial or total relief at a premium price?

Mortgage brokers...a service that can save a deal in 72 hours or less?

Accountants...a service that can setup a tax-saving legal entity and bank accounts in less than a week?

Chiropractor...a walk-in anytime, no appointment-needed membership to fix the pain and strains? 

Now blast that service on your site, social media, email, at networking events, on a giant postcard.

Every week make it clear, you fix one precise problem when it's urgent and panic is smoking like a volcano.

Become the 'We're the emergency fixer when you're out of time and need help now!"

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