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creating momentum with conversations


The first 5 minutes just may spark an idea...

00:00 Sellers that best educate their buyers will win more buyers.

02:09 The pandemic has reset expectations that customer success is a critical factor towards conversions and retention.

03:19 Time is money, every dime counts.

05:05 What practical strategy could you offer that has enabled buyers to buy?

05:47 The best things businesses small, medium, large can do is educate people about your service.

06:42 Payday conversation: sales strategy with 3 things: confidence, curiosity, and conversion.

10:15 Woman in business: diversity has improved.

15:20 We live in a time where it is easy to create a business.

16:15 You don’t need hundreds and thousands of clients.

17:03 Start by changing a small niche and not think about changing the world.

18:14 COVID is a window of time where you can build you company.

20:02 Make sure you’re dealing with your emotional stuff because it’s going to get projected on your business.

20:35 The shero of Sonia would be Maya Angelou and here is why.

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