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Cash and how fast or slow it flows is the difference between Niagra Falls and garden sprinklers.

Both spray out water.
But only one will generate power, momentum, and growth.

Here's some ideas to keep C.A.S.H.F.L.O.W-ing ...

C - Customers and clients keep bank accounts blooming, owners paid, employees involved. They fund expansions in services and products. A continuous flow of the right clients enjoying from the right services is vital. Look at what they're buying now, what they enjoy, their problems, and how they attempt to solve it. Use this to create a solution worth considering.

A - Advertise or struggle. Show up or stay invisible. Grab attention or grasps at straws. From giant postcards to podcasts, invest in a strategy that's both outbound (you find them) and inbound (they find you).

S - Simplify selling. We live in a breathless, hurried society. We rarely have the time or desire to put up with a complex buying process. Make buying as close to an 'Amazon-Buy-Now-Button' experience as possible.

H - Hone in on your best potential customers, your expertise and services. Get specific with a niche service to a niche audience at a premium price that offers clients extraordinary value.

F - Follow up, there's an underwater cave of treasures, fortune, and jewels waiting for those who will unapologetically follow up multiple times in different ways.

L - Leave the tricks to magicians. Marketing hacks and tricks usually benefit the marketing magician selling the service more than you. How many 'get-clients-now' toys and funnels have you bought that's gathering digital dust?

O - Own your spending habits. What's important will be invested in. Some owners invest more on lattes than advertising their business. They'll splurge on a vacation and throw pennies at promoting their services. What's a priority is spotlighted in your spending.

W - Welcome the insights of small business sales coach or join a small business community to escape climbing the rocky mountain of cashflow pain.

There are only a few shortcuts to success... get lucky... or learn from others.

Guess which one you can control?

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