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Find out how your skillset can provide solutions for your most profitable clients. 

#2 - SHIFT AND OVERCOME. Shifting your mindset can make the difference between being where you are and where you want to be. Embrace the shift.

#3 - CHANGE THE CONVERSATION. Make the decision-makers see how you and your unique abilities are the key to their success.


" This is where you could you can pivot what you overtly offer, which is change the conversation around to how you help the company.
Position your message to help them make more money or decrease costs.
So when they start talking to you, you related how it has to do with your expertise with H.R.
So it's really you change the conversation initially about what the company and the CEO and those who are in charge of the checks want.
And then you illustrate, once you have the appointment,
how you can do that through
your skillset.
They all say they want more customers.
Which is I want to make more money.
I want to make more profits, more revenue.
That's what they all say they want.
How can we can lead them to what they need? "