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It's a great first step. Then craft the perfect approach.

#2 - NARROW DOWN YOUR POTENTIAL CLIENT. Use your favorite/best paying customers as a reference. What is their lifestyle? What do they do? What do they like? What common grounds do they share? The answers will build the profile for the client you want.

#3 - DON'T SELL YOUR PRODUCT/SERVICE, SELL THE EMOTION IT CONVEYS. Does it make customers feel safe? Does it make them feel prepared for adversity? Protected? That is key!


I've worked with quite a few advisers and the best model is actually the education route for advisors, because very few advisers actually do this well. 

When you go to their sites or when you connect on their social media, there's a lot of 'Here's what's going on in the stock market' jargon.

Very few of them educate their clients, their prospects into a sales process.

It's best to educate your prospects forward versus saying, 'Well, do you have some assets that I can help you manage?'. 

That doesn't work anymore.