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#1 - BUDGET. Unless you're in the business of giving grants, you need to discover if prospects can afford your services. If they can't, you have two options...

Option A: Create a starter offer that gives them a small part of the solution they want and at a price that's easier to start with. After they are onboard invite them to higher tiers of service as they progress through your solution.

Option B: It's not a good fit so move on and suggest the opportunity to have a future conversation is open when there's a better fit (i.e. they're willing to pay your fee).


#2 - NEED. The most effective discovery calls start with needs and wants. How can you determine a solution if you don't know what they need and why they need it? This fastest way to kill a deal is not being clear about what your prospect needs.

#3 - TIME. Urgency is the difference between a critical need and a wish. If there's no urgency, their not in enough pain about their problem. Sometimes this requires asking what the consequences of fixing a problem now versus later.

#4 - RELATIONSHP.  Not all prospects will be good clients even if they can need all the other qualifications. You need to determine if their behaviors, actions, and work ethic aligns with the type of client you'd wake up energized to serve. If not, the emotional headaches will outweigh the fee you charge.


The Quality of Your Clients Is A Reflection of
The Quality of Your Questions.