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#1 - CLIENTS MAY HAVE LONG PATHS TO SUCCESS, BE THERE FOR THE WHOLE JOURNEY. When you understand this you can become a key component in your clients' plans.

#2 - FINANCIAL STABILITY IS A GOAL, BUT THERE'S ALSO EMOTIONAL GOALS. Do they want to feel secure? Do they need relief? Why? Clients are willing to tell you this if you ask the right questions. Use this to craft better messaging!

#3 - BECOMING A SPECIALIST WILL MAKE YOU UNIQUE TO CLIENTS. By offering specific, unique solutions to your clients' problems, you will be seen as the specialist they can always tend to, this is what building a solid business relationship is all about.




"How do I become such a specialist that
my price point isn't really in the conversation?" 


Coaching highlights from our weekly Street Smarts MBA Live call...



This is all about getting into the mindset of where your ideal prospects and clients.

What they think about.

What they think about their future.

What they think about the problems and the issues that are either hindering progress.

What's not helping them to move forward to create the success they want and recognize that sometimes your prospects, their success is a long term journey.

So you may just be one one component of multiple things they need to do or have in order to get to that ultimate goal. 

And if you know what their long term journey is or what their ultimate goal is, you can help them see where you fit in on that ladder. 

And you may fit in multiple areas, multiple spaces, or you may be with them through the entire journey. 

So that's another thing to think about when you're communicating.

And so this is why this is how we get people to buy. 

It's being able to understand that they have this emotional journey that they're on to achieve some level of success and accurately understanding their emotional profile, what they want, and then how you innovate your business. 

Back in the day, it was build it and they will come.

But over the years it’s actually transformed into find out what they want and then build it. So then they will come. 

And it's not so much trying to force your product service down their throats.

Obviously you're not trying to customize and become all things to all people, but how do you innovate your business? 


I think that's so important. 

In fact, often it's better to test and see not only what people want, but when you know, you craft the right messages in a tone that your ideal clients will resonate with.

And this is laziness on all of our parts. 

Many of us get caught in this, myself included, where I assume I know kind of what they want, meaning like I'm kind of projecting myself, what do I want?

But what I want is not necessarily what my ideal clients want in the same way and with the same language. 

So you really need to hone in on all this stuff that we've been working on. 

Ideally, you've been working on knowing where they hang out and what makes them tick. What are their hot buttons?

This is  a part of your uniqueness, your solution for that particular group of people, and then you become the specialist versus the generalist and you always get paid more as a specialist.


And so think about your business in the same way. 

How do I become such a specialist that my price point isn't really in the conversation? 

It's my delivery. It's my execution. 

It's my ability to help these clients and prospects meet their goals.


I went through this at some point in my career also. 

You have to look away from what you value to what they value, what's a lot of money to them, and what your value is to them from their eyes. 

And it's different.