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Meet Sonia.

Strategist | Educator | Author | Speaker

Sonia Dumas is an incredible woman you want to meet. 

She’s been a sparkling guest speaker for FinancialAdvisors.com, The Sales Expert Channel, a must-follow DeFi educator on LinkedIn, a lively guest speaker on the Sales Reinvented Podcast, and a dynamic cryptocurrency educator for  CPA Academy, Thriveal Podcast, CPA Crossing, MY CPE, FPA Chapters, and Intuit Tax Pro Center.


Her drive for people, profits, and purpose, combined with over a decade of leading high-performance teams, has allowed her to build rewarding strategies for her clients.

When you need to get unstuck and revitalize your strategy to grow your local influence, brand, and pipeline... get in contact.

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Sonia is highly personable and knowledgeable in the financial industry. She has been a great friend to our firm and has helped us increase our presence. I definitely recommend working with Sonia!
Jaimee Carnes
Elderado Financial
Wow...just wow! This was one of the best crypto sessions I've attended. Sonia was extremely knowledgeable and kept the audience engaged throughout the two hours. I learned more than I thought I would.
Michael L.
Financial Professional
I am so impressed with Sonia. I can strongly recommend her as a sales expert for the financial community and an interviewer to follow for everyone in sales.
Deb Calvert
Best crypto presentation I attended so far. Sonia methodically demystifies crypto. And she did with such enthusiasm you cannot help but pay attention!
Billie A.
Financial Professional
Sonia's body of knowledge and mastery of crypto is extremely impressive! She explains things in a very clear way that enables you to understand really intricate concepts. She is absolutely outstanding and I learned so much more than I even expected to gain. She has opened my eyes! Kudos to you Sonia!
Melody J.
Financial Professional
Sonia is an all-around phenomenal marketer regarding effective strategy, planning, and execution. Her approach is knowledgeable and precise based on years of experience and this shines through in the results she achieves for her clients. It's a fantastic experience working alongside Sonia, and I would highly recommend her to anyone.
Chris Melotti

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