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Prediction: Consultants And Entrepreneurs Will Get More Clients Using AI 


Use ChatGPT To Get More Clients In Less Than One Hour

You already know AI is changing your industry.

The real question is - how can you leverage it to drive more sales, get more clients, and establish your authority? 

The answer lies in unlocking the potential of the AI iceberg, which is packed with hidden treasures to help you achieve your sales goals faster than ever before.

Picture this: With the help of AI, you can …

  • Know exactly what ignites your prospects to take action and buy.

  • Grow your subscribers and followers at a faster pace.

  • Get to know your prospect’s pains and problems in minutes.

  • Supercharge your social posts for maximum reach and engagement.

  • Stop emailing boring content that gets ignored and deleted.

  • Generate more qualified leads and partnership opportunities.

  • Identify and target new premium prospects with laser precision.

  • And much, much more

With AI's transformative power at your fingertips, you can unlock new growth opportunities for your business with crazy-fast accuracy.

If you're a consultant or entrepreneur who needs more happy-to-pay-your-premium-fees clients ...READ EVERY WORD on this page ... and I'll show you how easy it is to solve this problem in less than one hour.



Any consultant and entrepreneur can get more clients using this secret formula because it quickly tells you exactly what your perfect client wants ... and how to help them buy!

Use this step-by-step AI prompt to create fast sales-amplifying content for your perfect client ... in any industry ... for any product or service ... in less than 1 hour.

Save 25+ hours a week ...
and start creating 10X sales content to solve your perfect client's most painful problems ... now!


Does this sound
like you?


Every day you wake up with that ache, knowing that you can help somebody, but no one's listening.

  • So you spend hours researching your perfect clients, trying to figure out what makes them tick and how you can get in front of them, but nothing seems to click.
  • Day after day, you agonize over the perfect social post with great hashtags that don't get liked.
  • Your thoughtful emails get ignored or deleted.
  • Your Amazon book sales are low and slow.
  • You know that finding new clients is critical to your lifestyle, and you do your best to focus ... and it's hard.
  • Every time you sit down to work on lead generation, you feel overwhelmed and lost because you don't know what will motivate prospects to buy.
  • You've tried every tool and technique out there, but nothing seems to create the sales jolt you need. 

And you feel like the longer you struggle, the more defeated you feel, fearing you'll never find the people you were meant to help. 

Just know you’re not alone ... and there's a solution few understand ...

AI Will make it easier to get clients ... in less time


Imagine the moment when a prospect reads your content or watches your video ... and their eyes light up with excitement as they eagerly say, "Yes, I want that!"

 You feel the surge of joy as you win their business ... and knowing that you're the solution they've been looking for.

 You're now spending your days working with the best clients ... rubbing shoulders with first-class influencers.

 The success you dreamt of is now your everyday reality ... and your financial future is more stable than you ever could have imagined.

 You stop feeling like the internet is ignoring you ... and you finally get to escape that cycle of lead generation drudgery.

 You now have more opportunities than you can handle ... which forces you to raise your fees!

 You’re now a part of that exclusive group of consultants that are thriving beyond their wildest dreams.

You get to end your day early ... enjoy the outdoors ... and meet up with friends you've been neglecting because you finally cracked the code ... and are speaking to the right prospects loud and clear.


But you may be thinking - How do I discover what motivates my perfect client without spending endless days researching and guessing?


Simple ... Ask AI!

Seriously it's so simple that most will ignore or underutilize it ... and watch others scrape big deals off the table. (But not you! You'll act fast.)

Here’s just one powerful way you can use AI right now ...

The Secret of Using AI To Get More Clients Faster With  Influencer Marketing 


If you ever wondered how people are creating compelling messages that persuade influencers to promote their next event or product launch ...  

Here’s the secret:

You can leverage AI to help you write persuasive influencer partnership messages that can increase your chances of having your event and products promoted to your perfect clients.

The three-step process expert copywriter use to help their clients partner with influencers is this ... 

Step 1: Identify the Right Influencers 

Begin by identifying influencers your prospects follow across all social media channels using AI. Don't just go for the big names. Seek out the rising stars who could benefit from a cross-promotional strategy.

Step 2: Create Your Campaign

Once you have your list of influencers, use AI to create a strategic sequence of outreach emails and direct messages. Detail the key benefits of the collaboration. Make sure to weave in their recent content.

Step 3: Add a Personal Touch ... And Incentivize

Lastly, add a personal touch to your messages by reviewing and editing the text generated by the AI. Make sure to tailor the language and tone to align with your voice and the influencer you're targeting. Consider offering an enticing affiliate commission to make it a real win-win.


Using this expert process, you can speed up your email outreach and create more persuasive and personal influencer partnerships.

This is just one of many ways you can succeed faster as you squeeze AI for every ounce of revenue-generating juice it has


You may be thinking - What else can AI do to get me more clients?


I had the same question when the hype of ChatGPT was gaining traction, and what I discovered has made everything I do 10X better.

I’ll share more about that in a moment … but first, let me introduce myself …

32° North Latitude

Dear Consulting & Coaching Friends,

I’m Sonia Dumas, a cutting-edge sales copywriter and product launch strategist for B2B consultants and coaches selling premium workshops, courses, and memberships.

I’ve spoken at incredible brands such as Intuit, Investopedia, Financial Planners Association, Sales ReInvented, and more.

I’m co-author of The Market Ownership Method: Seven Proven Principles. One Profitable Plan (launching June 2023). I’ve spent over a decade developing multi-million dollar brands across hospitality, travel, finance, and consulting.

The wealth shift won’t be fair to the late adopters and so I began to learn everything I could about how to use AI for sales, marketing, and client success.

I collected over 1,000+ prompts and questions to confirm if AI could help consultants and coaches accelerate their sales strategy. 

And here's what I discovered ...

Most prompts are not designed to motivate prospects to buy.

If your goal is to create general education content, any generic prompt will do the job.  

But I didn't want generic!

I wanted to experience the untapped potential of AI ... so I kept searching until I made an astonishing discovery ...

7628 retouch jpg tiny

If You’re On The Fence About AI …
You Can Stop Reading Now …
As What I’m About To Reveal Is Probably Not For You


Now... if your goal is to turn prospects into loyal clients … if you want to be a thought leader that gets paid … if you want subscribers to take advantage of your offers what's coming next is for you.  

I discovered getting the best answers from AI requires creativity, strategy, and the right formula.

Once I stumbled into this simple secret, it felt like I was given the access code to AI’s bank vault!

And like any great money heist, I couldn’t carry all those gold bars of sales-driving-intel by myself ...

So I invited consultants in sales and marketing to experience the results with me ... like marketing expert Kim Albee, CEO at Genoo.

Read what Kim had to say about the formula I developed:


I've tried lots of different free prompts and then I used the formula Sonia developed.

OMG! WOW! The way these prompts are crafted gives you incredible insights and emotional triggers about your audience.

When you allow ChatGPT to help you as an assistant, you get to create better marketing campaigns and create better connections with your clients.

So I'm a big thumbs up! On a scale of 1 to 10 ... all other prompts are down here at a 3 ... and this formula is up here at 15!!!

We used the ChatGPT results to send out an email just to tell our subscribers about our new Marketing Nerdcast YouTube channel.

A subscriber that’s been on our email list for 13 years immediately reached out and said ... 
Wow, this comes at a good time. I'd really like to talk with you guys about how you can help me GROW MY BUSINESS. "

It’s beyond cool that ChatGPT helped us land a meeting.

We love it for ourselves. We love it for our customers!  Kim Albee | CEO | Genoo


Use AI To Drive More Premium Prospects To Your Offers


In a matter of minutes, AI can give you a game-changing playbook about how to ignite your prospects into loyal clients.

Even if ChatGPT helps to enhance your sales and marketing content by 5X, think of the extra reach and revenue you can get by just changing your words!

Just imagine, if your current content is only generating $5,000 per month, you could use ChatGPT to help you upgrade that content to $25,000+ per month.

That’s powerful! (And it's how fortunes are made ... forget get-rich-quick schemes ... using AI is a get-wealthy-faster strategy.)

I have seen ChatGPT generate ideas, topics, and one-liners that are so good you can't help but want to buy something! 

You can easily hire a marketing agency to create a general client profile that could cost upwards of $7,500+ (and you can still miss major money-making details). 

Or you could figure it out on your own. 

How many weeks will it take to pinpoint exactly what your perfect client wants ... 12 weeks? 32 weeks? 

How will you know if you're making the right assumptions? 

What will you do if you’re wrong?

But with the right formula, you can save time, money and get the right results in minutes.

If You Can Copy And Paste ...  Then You Can Use AI's To Get More Clients Faster And Easier Than Ever Before


The good news is you don't need to spend hours looking for the right prompts to figure out what your perfect client wants.  

Here's a secret sneaky marketers "forgot" to tell you:

Most AI prompts are not designed to get sales.

Telling AI to "write like a copywriter in the style of Russell Brunson" doesn't mean your prospects will magically start buying.

(In fact, million-dollar copywriters laugh at the lame prompts being sold to the unaware. Not all AI prompts are created equal. You’ve been warned!) 

Fortunately for you, I’ve solved this problem. (So you can succeed faster!)

I came up with a series of prompts ... that when stacked on top of each other ... like a formula ... gave me amazing results about my perfect clients! 


Then I wondered ... Could this work for other consultants too? 

So I invited talented consultants to experience the formula, and here’s what they had to say:

hilde goorts

My biggest takeaway was everything it told me. Things that I never would have thought of myself, even though I know my audience quite well. This has SAVED me so much TIME, given me a complete picture of my customer. This can result in MORE SALES as I can target my customers better. - Hilde Goorts, No Sweat Accounting

camille pardo

The biggest WOW factor is I expected it to be complicated. Not so! It is literally copy and paste and so effective! I LOVED THE RESULTS. The sections were JAW-DROPPING! It went deep and revealed the kind of things a woman in my target audience wouldn't even say out loud but feel deep down. The target audience research is just as thorough as me spending hours researching." - Camille Pardo, Key Word Company 


Ron Kaine

The WOW factor was high! The formula is great for getting FRESH PERSPECTIVES on almost anything and then using it for NEW CONTENT to show off to clients. - Ron Kaine, Rockatech

joe pomeroy

Getting AI to sound authentic and genuine is a real challenge. The formula solves that problem and more. I wrote an email campaign for a BIG NAME CLIENT who was actually running 2 promotions during the same week. The formula resulted in a 57% open rate on an overloaded list! VERY PLEASED and will continue to use it.  - Joe Pomeroy, Copywriter & Coach - Forward With Joe


meshell baker

So much awesomeness derived from the formula and ChatGPT experience! As much as I love writing and curating content, I often find myself overwhelmed and exhausted when it's time to write my own sales copy.  I used the formula to announce an upcoming 5-Day Challenge and SUBSCRIBERS immediately started REGISTERING. I am excited to continue curating sales copy that generates LEADS and engages CONVERSION conversations! Thank you, Sonia, the formula is BRILLIANT!!! - Meshell Baker , Award-Winning International Keynote Speaker

kim albee

When you allow ChatGPT to help you as an assistant, you get to create better marketing campaigns and create better connections with your clients. So I'm a big thumbs up. On a scale of 1 to 10, all other prompts are down here at a 3, and this formula is up here at 15.  -  Kim Albee, Genoo

AI Makes Everything You Do To Get Clients 10X Better, Easier, And Faster … If You Know What To Tell It


Starting today, your social media posts, videos, articles, and emails will never be the same. 

Here's What You Can Uncover About Your Perfect Client Using AI:

  • Key problems that keep your prospects stressed at the end of the day.
  • Secret wishes they struggle to achieve.
  • Roadblocks that stand between buying your solution and their goals.
  • Thoughts that crush their potential and stop them from taking action.
  • Questions your content must answer to get their attention.
  • Know exactly what to say to help them overcome their fears.
  • Understand what will help them move forward with confidence.
  • Enhance your thought leadership to connect with prospects on a deeper level.
  • And much, much more

Because of this eureka! discovery ...  I knew I had to release the formula to help consultants benefit from the AI "gold rush" ... which is why I’m excited to introduce



Use AI To Create Better Content And Get More Clients In Just 1 Hour


It's an easy step-by-step AI prompt that reveals what your prospects truly want for any industry, and any product or service. 

Consultants, authors, and speakers just like you, are floored when they see the results generated in minutes.

The good news is, the heavy lifting is done. Just copy, paste, and grow.

You can now access my secret formula that uses AI to write winning sales pages, social posts, articles, videos, and emails … in minutes.

MCF mockup



Doors Close And The Launch Price Will Go Up In ...









What You’re Getting With This Powerful Formula

The Magnetic Client Formula

The copy and paste ... step-by-step client-getting prompts ... used by serious consultants that want breakthrough sales. Get a crystal clear understanding of what makes your perfect client tick ... what they need from you ... and how to speak to them with laser-like precision.

Content Clarity Workbook


Inside the workbook are secret strategy prompts to help you maximize the results ...  and launch an unstoppable sales engine.

It's more than just a formula ... It's a strategic process for nonstop compelling content.



AI Fast Pass Video Course

I will show you how to get the best and fastest results to amplify your success from the Magnetic Client Formula.

By the end of this course, you'll see the endless possibilities hidden within AI.

And There's More ... 

Quick Access To All the Videos, Bonuses, Workbook, and Formula from One Dashboard. No complicated hoops to jump through. You’ll get immediate access to start generating results in minutes.

Easy Chat Support is only a click away to ensure you don’t get lost.

Join Thousands of Consultants and Entrepreneurs who will make a small fortune during this “golden window” of using “assisted” intelligence to compress months of sales-driving content creation into minutes!

  Copy and Paste into any popular AI platform such as ChatGPT and Jasper.AI.


MCF mockup AI



And Here’s Your “I Can’t Believe It’s Free” Bonus Package

Because I know what results you’ll get from The Magnetic Client Formula ... I’m giving you this exclusive bonus package ... that will amplify your sales and marketing strategy like never before ... 


Master Your Marketing: 
Ultimate AI Power Prompts

ultiamte ai


(click the + to see the bonus prompts you get)


Email Magic

Use this prompt to get new clients excited about your product and turn them into raving referral-generating fans


The Power of Influencers

Discover the influential channels that can help you find your perfect client faster with this double-stacked prompt. 


Authentic Voice

Use this prompt to help AI sound more like you ... in style, tone, and voice. Save hours of editing and rewriting AI's textbook responses.


Event Launch Power Emails

Use this email prompt series to get subscribers motivated to reserve their seat at your next soon-to-be-sold-out event. 


Get More Views Videos Scripts

Use this prompt to create quick videos that hook viewers and keep them coming back for more. 


Content Explosion

Use this prompt to never run out of ideas and create sales content that premium prospects can't wait to read. 

Without a doubt, you could easily spend over $6,000+ for a good marketer to create all of this content for you … one time! 

With the Magnetic Client Formula and Master Your Marketing: Ultimate AI Power Prompts ... you can create unlimited content anytime, anywhere ... 

One formula, endless possibilities.



You’re Totally Protected By Sonia’s “Create Explosive Sales Content Or Get Better Than All Your Money Back Guarantee”

Here's the super easy process…

Use the Magnetic Client Formula over the next 30 days.

You will see how easy it is to speak to your prospects' deepest needs, paving the way for better connections with your perfect clients ... As you drive more engagement, watch how you find more time to invest in things that matter most. ...

(There’s a reason why any consultant can get more clients using the Magnetic Client Formula because it tells you exactly what prospects want…for any service, product, audience, and industry.)


I believe your business is meant to impact lives, and you deserve a simple tool that just works as promised. You have my personal promise that this AI formula will radically change how you think about clients, sales, and growing your business. Elevate your content, elevate your cash flow! I believe in this formula so much, I guarantee over the next 30 days your content will never be the same. - Sonia Dumas | Founder | CEO


During the next 30 days ... if you decide the Magnetic Client Formula hasn’t just performed a miracle on your ability to create fresh, creative sales contentand you don't find one good ideanot one insight that can positively influence your impact with prospects and clients in any way … then within the next 30 days, send us an email telling us you received no value whatsoever from this formula ... and we'll quickly refund you in full no hassle. We wouldn’t feel right keeping your money.  

Fortunately, the majority of consultants will generate insights, inspiration, and intelligence to motivate prospects faster and easier than ever before ... Meaning no more guesswork, ignored content, wasted hours, and money burned on inferior alternatives.

And just to be clear ... there are absolutely no strings attached. No hoops to jump through… just send us a courteous email saying there is no value in this formula .. and you’ll get your money back in one business day. (Just for the record, this formula has changed lives, and never had one single refund request!)

IN FACTwe’re 100% confident that your jaw will drop in amazement as you see how easily and quickly your content can be transformed to inspire prospects to ... click, subscribe, and buy now … that we’re making this promise: 

Anyone who requests a refund ... will also receive a $300 VIP credit to our next Selling More 5 Day Challenge ... (Only Magnetic Client Formula members get invited to this exclusive event where we reveal the secret strategy for using the formula to create workshop funnels that are so good people can’t wait to reserve their VIP seat!)


Better Than All Your Money Back Guarantee!



By now you’re ready to say ...


Yes, Sonia! I want the Magnetic Client Formula! When I buy now … I get full access to :“ …

Unlock the full potential of Magnetic Client Formula and compress months of sales-driving content creation into minutes! (Value $2,997)

Discover who influences my perfect client faster with BONUS #2 - The Power of Influencers. (Value $697)

Never run out of ideas with BONUS #3 - Content Explosion: Create content so compelling, people can't wait to read. (Value $697)

Maximize the AI Fast Pass step-by-step video course and amplify my success with expert guidance and support (Value $697)

Get more views with BONUS #6 - more than just a script .. it's the ultimate prompt to hook my viewers and keep them coming back for more! (Value $697)

Exclusive access to the Content Clarity Workbook to strategize my way to more prospects, clients, and opportunities. (Value $997)

Unlock the power of Email Magic and turn my clients into raving referral-generating fans. (Value $697)

Join the club of successful consultants and speakers who are crushing their sales goals in this "golden window" of "assisted" intelligence.

Get AI to write and sound just like me with BONUS #4 - Authentic Voice.(Value $697)

Create Event Launch Emails that work! BONUS #5 provides me with a powerful email series to get my subscribers motivated to reserve their spots at my next event. (Value $697)

Over $13,254 in AI-powered content and tools ... And I'm totally protected by the “Create Explosive Sales Content or Get Better Than All Your Money Back Guarantee”

I realize I could easily pay a content specialist over $10,000+ for a one-time strategy session ... and not achieve half the results the Magnetic Client Formula can provide.





It’s Decision Time

Think about your future .. where you're creating sales content that speaks directly to your perfect client's needs and desires. 

Imagine attracting and converting not just any prospects ... but the right ones into loyal clients.


What's the value of adding 1 ... 10 ... or more new clients each month ...
just because you used the right AI formula?


Decide to give yourself more time to impact lives ... build a better financial fortress ... and pursue your passions faster with the Magnetic Client Formula.

It's been said that your destiny is shaped in your moments of decision. 

What will you decide to do right now

The same thing you've been doing so you can get the same results? 

Or will you change for the better?


To Your Inevitable Success,

Sonia Dumas Logo PNG (Gold)


P.S.  Any consultant and entrepreneur can get more clients using this secret formula because it quickly tells you exactly what your perfect client wants ... and how to help them buy! ... Use this step-by-step AI prompt to create fast sales-amplifying content for your perfect client ... in any industry ... for any product or service ... in less than 1 hour.  Save 25+ hours a week ... and start creating 10X sales content to solve your perfect client's most painful problems ... now!