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What We Offer

We teach people-focused, profit-driven financial professionals an easy method to win more sales, increase referrals, shorten sales cycles & master impactful conversations.

Conversion Mastery

Conversion Mastery is our 60-day 'Get More Yeses' core program that will provide you with:

The right conversational triggers to get more yeses

→  The knowledge that when sales are about people revenues grow

→  The ability to predict buying behavior in less than 90 seconds

The fastest path to win more deals and shorten the sales cycle

→  Emotional intelligence secrets to ensure every conversation is impactful

→  Presentation edge by tailoring your approach to match the buying language of prospects and clients

Confidence to be a master educator and communicator of your services

The technology to discover the buying language of anyone in nanoseconds

The formula to increase your sales velocity

Personal guidance and advisory to help these revenue habits stick

→  A new evergreen skill set to decrease your dependence on digital marketing

→  The science, the system, and the solution to achieve record growth powered by BANKCODE® 


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Prospecting Mastery

Prospecting Mastery is our 60-day 'Get More Yeses Sales Accelerator' graduate program
for qualified Conversion Mastery students.

In Prospecting Mastery we co-create a custom sales system that takes your new revenue habits to the next level.

This program is for high performers who want to win big, win consistently and win systematically.

This is where we accelerate conversations driven by referrals.

This program empowers you with the skills, system, tools and technology to:

Have referrals become the #1 source of new business

Position you as a people-focused educator

Fill your pipeline with highly qualified leads

Increase sales conversions using power scripted presentations and conversations

Identify at least 10 sources of referrals you can tap into immediately

Master the specific language to obtain the perfect referral introduction

Private advisory to keep your strategy confidential and secure

Eliminate costly marketing tactics that aren't working

Be accountable to achieve your goals

Confidently learn how to grow your revenue and influence in any economy powered by the science of BANKCODE® and referral networking online or in-person.


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Custom Mastery

From the solo financial professional seeking private advisory to sales teams wanting corporate training, we can co-create a custom program to transform your sales process.

We'll give you access to the tools, training, and technology to make sales an efficient and systematic process that leverages artificial intelligence, sales intelligence, emotional intelligence to achieve your goals.

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Increase sales by up to 300%. Sales is a People Game.

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