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Engage & Convert Prospects

Active401k is a prospect converting technology for advisors
seeking a simple way to grow.

Learn why Active401k could be the missing tool in your
existing client acquisition efforts.




Top 8 ways Active401k grows AuM - 

1. Offers a simple, no risk service to encourage prospects to engage with your firm. Stop chasing prospects for consultation meetings and give them a chance to "try, before they buy".

2. Provides quarterly retirement plan advice to prospects (even if they already have a plan advisor) that's automated, non-discretionary, and best of all can be monetized to create new revenue streams.

3. Positions your firm to upsell additional services while insulating them from the competition.

4. Increases your prospect to client conversion ratio.

5. Grows the valuation of your firm and positions you for easier referrals to your client's network of friends, family, and colleagues.

6. Builds a pipeline of managed accounts to be harvested and nurtured at the right milestones.

7. Unlike the fine print of other services (Bloom, Betterment, etc) Active401k does NOT compete with the advisor. No drip selling. No rollover acceptance. No hidden fine-print motive to poach your clients in any way. 

8. Easy to use and implement into your existing marketing tactics. Plug, play, grow. 


According to LinkedIn, there are 800,000+ Financial Advisors prospecting for clients.

How do you plan to stand out, easily engage and convert prospects?

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