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What makes you think I’m skeptical?


Call it a hunch.

Small business leaders like us have been sold every shiny object under the sun.

Yeah, I know what it’s like to hear, "You go from broke to billions” after you buy the platinum-private-reserve-club package. 

Frustratingly, we take a chance hoping our latest shiny object will finally get our business to pay back everything we’ve invested.

Too many systems have failed to provide us with the tools and support we truly need.

Rightfully, we’re skeptical. 

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What are Payday Conversations™?


Well, it’s conversations you’re not having right now.

Ouch! I know I was there too. 

Outdated sales training had me barely surviving in the average sales zone.

You would’ve cringed at the self-centered-jargon-loaded-unhelpful stuff I was saying to prospects when I first started. Man, it was awful!

Fortunately, I invested in growing my skills to the next level.

And now I help leaders like you develop incredibly smart and highly impactful sales skills (and avoid my costly mistakes).

You'll learn how to use the strategies of emotional intelligence and referral introductions to build an unstoppable pipeline powered by what I call Payday Conversations.

The results: Build trust, get the meeting, excite interest, win the relationship, shorten the sales cycle, and start enjoying transforming lives again.

Not a bad return for investing in yourself.

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How will Payday Conversations™ help me?


First, you’ll start enjoying growing your business again.

Having a business that barely pays the bills is stressful and exhausting.

If you’re a fighter, the thought of going back to a job creates low-level PTSD.

Payday Conversations will help to make your business more profitable.

You’ll have the strategies and skills to connect, communicate, and create opportunities that would have a slim chance of happening based on the old ways of selling.

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Why are you focused on helping small business leaders and sales teams?


The big companies have big budgets to ride out most economic storms.

The small business doesn’t.

We’re hypersensitive to shifts in revenue and expenses.

It’s small business leaders that fuel our economy, grow communities, and fast-track innovations.

Why not help these mavericks achieve lift-off?

Besides, anybody can say they can help you close more sales.

But not everyone can say here’s how you can have Payday Conversations with prospects so that not only do you win new clients, you also win lifetime relationships, and get referrals.

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What benefits will I get if I continue learning more?


Frankly, the goal is to get you paid, to increase your cashflow, to turn your sales and marketing into profit accelerators.

Otherwise, what’s the point?

We'll give you get freebies like these:

Payday Conversation™ 5-Day Challenge

Roadmap Your Referral Pipeline Video & Workbook

Next, you’ll get expert insights like these:

How emotional intelligence drives success

Future-proof your sales

How to win more clients part 1

Plus, you’ll get access to the Unstoppable Sales Community where you’ll be supported by strategies, expert interviews, and tools to get your business where it deserves to be.

Plus, you’ll be introduced to my awesome network of experts who specialize in those embarrassing things you’d rather not mention like:

My website is boring, outdated, or non-existent. I’ll introduce you to a lady who can turn a stale site into a glorious lead-gen machine.

I need to find an extra $100k+ in my business. I know a guy who has a sixth-sense for finding profits.

My business is good but I want more out of life. I’ll connect you with some stellar folks that can help you overcome roadblocks and transform your life financially and emotionally.


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I’m sensing some good vibes here. Tell me more about you, Sonia.


I’m one of those slow burn movies whose ending makes the journey worthwhile.

My career kicked off in Los Angeles where, after attending the University of Southern California, I helped to develop lifestyle hotels and curated guest experiences for over 15 years.

Opening parties, caviar tacos, and truffle tater-tots eventually burned me out.

I now live in Colorado, where on any given day you can find me training leaders and sales teams virtually...

... sharing my expertise on podcasts

... giving and receiving referrals

... road-tripping to hidden mountain towns

... and geeking out on cryptocurrency projects.

Life is good.

I invite you to socially connect with me on Linkedin.

See my life above as to why I have no time for the other social channels.


How can I join the Unstoppable Sales Community?


Look at you taking action!

Get started with the easy Payday Conversations 5-Day Challenge.

We're a community of do-ers, so come to the community ready to transform your business step by step.

I welcome you to join the Unstoppable Sales Community.

You're invited to share your experience during the challenge and get live feedback.

Consider this a mini-reward for investing in yourself and trying something new.

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Wait, you teach crypto?! Enlighten me, please.


The global economy is never going back to being the same. Every industry, including yours, is being disrupted by blockchain technology.

Those who study technological history are rewarded with advanced intel to capitalize on global wealth shifts.

I educate people on how to leverage this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Besides, what do you plan to do with all the revenue you'll be generating? Put it in a 0.5% "savings account"?

If you’re curious to learn why I'm a digital currency enthusiast and educator click Show Me and watch the video.

Spoiler Alert: You can't unlearn what the digital wealth shift is about.

Show Me
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More about Sonia


The Sales Expert Channel - Member

Guest Faculty for Marketing X Factory Live

Certified and Licensed B.A.N.K® Trainer & Coach

Certified and Licensed No More Cold Calling® Trainer

Contributing Author - FinancialAdvisor.com

Member of One Business Connection

Member of Women Sales Pros

Luxury Hospitality Sales Consultant

Guest Speaker - Sales Reinvented Podcast

Guest Faculty - Sales Conversion School

Contributing Author - Fresh Sales Blog

 Crypto Coach & Researcher


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