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Imagine Your world When you more time to do the things you love.

To experience the power of having options.

To define success according to your own metrics.

To build cashflowing strategic partnerships.

To become more influential.


Meet Sonia

Sonia Dumas is an incredible woman you want to meet.

She's the Founder of Curio Haus; a multi-transformational company focused on helping small business leaders grow their income, increase their influence, and expand their lifestyle.

She’s the effervescent co-host of the Street Smarts MBA show, a sparkling guest speaker for FinancialAdvisors.com, the vibrant Payday Conversations Expert on The Sales Expert Channel, a witty must-follow sales leader on LinkedIn, a Founding Pathfinder Coach for My Thrive Path, an lively guest speaker on the Sales Reinvented Podcast, an illuminous guest on the show In Lehman's Terms, and the cryptocurrency educator of the Coinwealth Bootcamp. 

Her passion for purpose, profits, and partnerships paired with over a decade of luxury hospitality expertise has allowed her to build rewarding experiences for her clients and network.


"And then it dawned on me.

This client doesn’t have a marketing problem or lack of leads.

They have a sales problem.

An inability to consistently communicate confidence, spark curiosity, and activate a conversion.

They're focused on lecturing, instead of listening.

On presenting, instead of probing with open questions.

They want a conversion without a conversation or connection.

They want referrals, without building strategic alliances.

And is it truly a surprise they’re frustrated with the results? "

Having sat through a decade of sales conferences, summits, and expos that has left countless small business leaders hoping for better, hoping for more, but feeling the frustration of another failed shiny object— it was time for something different. 

The small business leader not only has to win the confidence of clients and prospects,
they face an even bigger battle everyday.

Convincing their own minds they are good enough, deserving enough, intelligent enough to serve, to succeed, to achieve their goals.

But how often are we empowered to understand that our brains, through countless toxic experiences, are wired to paralyze us when the stakes are high?

We're on a mission to show, empower, and build a community of small business leaders that prefer to design profitable businesses that allows them to have more money and more time to do what they love.